Kingbolt Metal looks after clients with quality hardware

■Chang Shi-hua

As a professional manufacturer of various hardware products founded in 1975, Kingbolt Metal Co., Ltd. can offer clients great quality products and services. Kingbolt Metal specializes in stamping, pressed works for steel and stainless steel, as well as brass products. The firm has also branched out into stamping products, cabinet hardware fittings, mini latches, auto latch, welded metal/brass parts, hinges, steel tube hinges, varied stainless steel-made products, and so on.
Their new product Beauty Mirror (Triple Mirror) 3” is targeted towards personal use and for hotel travelers looking for gift-giving options. One side of the mirror is flat, while the other is a mirror with three-times enlarged imaging and comes in steel, chrome plated, or stainless steel.

Aside from manufacturing and designing its own products, Kingbolt Metal is capable of working closely with associated manufacturers and meeting standards for quality parts to be integrated into their main products.

Kingbolt Metal offers a wide range of products, such as wire products, hooks and hardware. (Photo provided by KingBolt Metal)